Friday, November 27, 2015

Movie review: Kid cannabis

A high school stoner decides that smuggling pot across the Canadian border into Idaho might make for a nice career. Gathering a few friends, they set up a smuggling operation that succeeds beyond expectations and creates problems they never imagined.

Jonathan Brown (Nate), Kenny Wormald (Topher), Aaron Yoo (Brendan), Ron Perlman (Barry), John McGinley (John), Corey Large (Giovanni), Bryce Hodgson (Scuzz), Alex Arsenault (Dustin), Jeffrey Ballard (Patrick), Luke Jennings (Terry), Kieran Large (Mike), Amanda Tapping (Nate's Mom).

Kid Cannabis begins with some background and character development which explains to us that Nate and Topher are essentially stereotypical stoners looking for an easy quick buck, approaching life as one big party. When they discover the possibility of smuggling pot into the U.S. across the Canadian border, things get much more interesting as do their lives. But when the operation grows beyond their expectations things quickly get out of hand. Based on a true story, Nate creates a fair sized smuggling operation which the film follows through to a conclusion with law enforcement.

Acting was mediocre here with Brown feeling out of place and as if the role was beyond his experience. Wormald was slightly better but with a smaller role it just wasn't enough. Perlman and Tapping probably had the most experience of anyone in this one, and both did fairly well.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds were pretty good with nice use of natural scenery and video camera footage. Stunts were mild but reasonable. Dialogue was good but the comedy aspect was seriously lacking. Sound and soundtrack were okay.

Kid Cannabis while interesting, isn't quite as billed. There really isn't a lot of comedy here and what does exist is poorly executed. As a drama and short walk into the world of drug smuggling, it is somewhat entertaining.

With some violence, foul language, extensive drug use and representation, nudity, and sexuality, save this one for the oldest teens and above.

Released: 2014
Reviewed: 1.13.15
Star rating: 3 out of 5
Genre: Independent Comedies, Dramas, Independent Movies, Independent Dramas, Comedies

copyright ©2015 Dave Riedel

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