Friday, February 5, 2016

Movie review: The Loft

Five married men band together to share a penthouse loft in the city where they can enjoy their hidden affairs and fantasies. But when the body of a dead woman is found in the loft they realize; the five of them have the only keys so one of them must be involved.

Karl Urban (Vincent), James Marsden (Chris), Wentworth Miller (Luke), Eric Stonestreet (Marty), Matthias Schoenaerts (Philip), Isabel Lucas (Sarah), Rachael Taylor (Anne), Rhona Mitra (Allison), Valerie Cruz (Barbara).

The Loft is an interesting premise and the film begins well, despite making fun of alternative lifestyles at about the 30 minute mark. About 45 minutes in the main plot finally shows up and things look like they will get more interesting. That doesn't happen and instead the film stalls, taking an excessive amount of time between plot points. The rest of the story is a slow-motion train wreck as the five guys reveal secrets that almost explain how a murdered woman showed up in their loft. Some last moment abnormal psychology finishes off the story with a sigh of relief.

Acting wasn't bad, but it didn't seem the actors were well directed nor were they able to overcome the slow pace. Urban and Marsden both did fairly well as usual. Miller was enjoyable as always and fit his role well. The remainder of the cast was solid with decent delivery throughout.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds fit the film well with a nice, solid feel. Action scenes were mild but fit the film nicely. Dialogue was okay but could have move the story along at a better pace. Sound and soundtrack were good.

The Loft is an interesting film that could have used some lofty goals. The story is slow, acting somewhat tepid, and the plot depth is somewhat ignored. Those who enjoy a mild crime thriller should enjoy this one quite a bit. For those wanting strong engagement however, this is not the film for you.

With violence, foul language, drug use, blood and gore, nudity, and sexual content save this one for the oldest teens and above.

Released: 2014
Reviewed: 1.19.16
Star rating: 3 out of 5
Genre: Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Crime Romance, Mysteries, Psychological Thrillers

copyright ©2016 Dave Riedel

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