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Movie review: The One

In this futuristic action flick Gabriel is confronted by an evil duplicate of himself from a parallel universe who has killed over 100 other duplicates in other universes, his power growing with each death. Now with just the two of them left, good must battle evil in an effort to be The One.

Jet Li (Gabe Law, Gabriel Yulaw, Lawless), Carla Gugino (TK Law, Massie), Delroy Lindo (Agent Roedecker), Jason Statham (Agent Funsch), James Morrison (Officer Aldrich).

This one kicked off with nice plot construction and character development via good action scenes. The plot is very interesting as Gabe travels multiple universes killing duplicates of himself to attain their power and become immortal. With the addition of Roedecker and Funsch chasing him down across universes things get even more exciting and take the action to a higher level. In the end, Li fighting with Li in a good vs. evil battle is a much better climax than expected though the Disney ending with a twist comes off a bit corny.
With a good plot and nice fight scenes this one was pretty good until the point Gabe becomes so powerful he can wield full-dress police motorcycles as baseball bats with one hand. At that point the film jumped from plausible to ridiculous and became nothing but mindless action fodder.

Acting was mixed with Li actually doing pretty well playing multiple parts. Lindo was good as usual while Statham seemed to be playing below himself, granted this movie is 8 yrs old so he was a bit fresher when it was made. Action scenes were good where ridiculous special effects weren’t used to provide superhuman powers. Sets and background were also nice while dialogue was boring and the soundtrack non-existent.

Overall this was a better than most martial arts flick with a decent plot but, a worse than most sci-fi film.

Plenty of foul language and violence but no nudity so this one is okay for teens and above. Put it about the middle of your Must See list if you are a Li, Statham, or martial arts fan.

Released: 2001
Reviewed: 3.28.16
Star rating: 3 out of 5
Genre: Action & Adventure, Action Thriller, Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action

copyright ©2016 Dave Riedel

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