Sunday, May 29, 2016

Movie review: Sahara

Dirk and Al, with backing from The Admiral, are explorers in the worlds oceans. Dirk is fascinated and fixated on finding a long lost Ironclad ship which this time takes them to South Africa. There he encounters the lovely Eva, a UN doctor on a mission of her own to determine the source of a disease outbreak. Soon they find themselves as allies against Massarde, a businessman who cares less for the environment than he does for money.

Matthew McConaughey (Dirk Pitt), Steve Zahn (Al), Penelope Cruz (Eva), William H. Macy (Admiral Jim Sandecker), Lambert Wilson (Yves Massarde), Rainn Wilson (Rudi), Delroy Lindo (Carl), Lennie James (Kazim).

After the groundwork is laid for Ironclad history, this one kicks-off with laughs and action which last right up to the end. I've seen quite a few reviews trashing this movie and I just don't get it. Yes, the story was a bit farfetched and reality is taking a nap, but this one is a lot more reality based than many other popular films today. (There were such things as Ironclads and I'm a fan, but I have never heard of the idea that one got lost in Africa).
I enjoyed the story (based on a Clive Cussler book) even if it was a bit hard to swallow. It moved along well with no dead spots or nap time.

Acting throughout was very good. McConaughey, Zahn, and Macy are a great combination! McConaughey and Zahn were appropriately over the top in this one. Cruz was a nice addition and apparently had good chemistry with others. Rainn Wilson also did well and was quite funny. Lambert Wilson, Lindo, James and the rest of the cast did well.

Camera work was excellent as were sets and backgrounds. Action scenes and supporting CGI were nicely done throughout. Dialogue was campy, silly, and fit the film well. Sound and soundtrack were solid.

This is a pretty good family movie with no nudity and little foul language. It does have some violence but I would term it as mild compared to current standards. Anyone 10 and older should be fine watching this one.

Released: 2005
Reviewed: 5.24.16
Star rating: 5 out of 5
Genre: Action & Adventure, Action Thriller, Action, Adventure, Comedy

copyright ©2016 Dave Riedel

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