Monday, December 12, 2016

Movie review: Embers

After a global pandemic, survivors find they no longer have the ability to create memories. Unable to remember who they are, or who anyone else is, they search for connection while living entirely in the moment.

Jason Ritter (Guy), Iva Gocheva (Girl), Greta Fernandez (Miranda), Tucker Smallwood (Teacher), Karl Glusman (Chaos), Roberto Cots (Father), Dominique Swain (Woman in dress), Matthew Goulish (Guardian), Silvan Friedman (Boy).

Embers begins without much explanation as we awaken with Guy and Girl and quickly learn they don't remember a thing. With the passing of a day, and the addition of more characters, we realize the inability to create memories is universal. At this point the variety of characters and how each deals with their unusual illness becomes the main plot. The remainder of the film is an emotional learning experience with a slight twist at the end which confirms our suspicions of repetition.

Acting was decent with Ritter putting forth a fairly realistic performance. Gocheva was enjoyable and worked well with Ritter. Smallwood was enjoyable in his role as one of the most reasonable characters. Glusman was solid, even if his character was a jerk, and the remainder of the supporting cast was decent.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds were interesting if nothing else. Sets felt realistic and natural and camera work was good. Action scenes were mild, as was violence. Dialogue was a bit bland and lacking. Exactly what happened was never fully explained, nor was the current situation of several characters. Sound and soundtrack were solid.

While Embers is an unusual and fairly original story which holds interest well, the film lacks energy and depth leaving us somewhat disappointed. Those who enjoy dramas or indie dramas should enjoy this one while sci-fi fans likely will not.

Embers comes complete with only mild sexuality and violence so it should be fine for teens and above.

Released: 2015
Reviewed: 11.16.16
Star rating: 1 out of 5
Genre: Drama, Independent Drama, Indie Movies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Sci-Fi Drama

copyright ©2016 Dave Riedel

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