Sunday, June 11, 2017

Movie review: Clown

 Real estate agent Kent finds a clown costume in one of his properties and decides to use it for his kid's birthday party. But he quickly finds there is more to the suit than he could have imagined.

Andy Powers (Kent), Laura Allen (Meg), Peter Stormare (Karlsson), Christian Distefano (Jack), Chuck Shamata (Walt), Elizabeth Whitmere (Denise), Victor Cornfoot (Dave), Lucas Kelly (Colton), Emily Burley (Annie).

Clown begins with some plot setup and introductions before moving to the main story. After finding and putting on the clown suit, Kent realizes it can't be removed. Furthermore, he finds it changing his personality as he develops a taste for children. The rest of the movie is a horror ride punctuated with some mild attempts by Kent to remove the suit and figure out what is going on.

Acting was okay with Powers delivering a decent performance. Allen fit nicely, as did Stormare who delivered his usual. Overall the acting in this one is mediocre with few memorable performances but plenty of rough spots.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds were fitting and solid but it was makeup and costuming that really took the show. Clown costuming and effects were nicely done, turning a happy character into a disturbing and terrifying specter of violence and carnage. Well done! Dialogue was okay, as were sound and soundtrack.

Clown is one of those films that rides the edge when it comes to entertainment. The story is good, but didn't quite evolve enough in the film. Acting was good at times, quite rough other times. Technical work, effects, and costuming are enjoyable. The result is a film that will appeal, and repel, viewers on very specific levels.

With plenty of graphic gore, disturbing images, foul language, and adult situations save this one for older teens and above. Unless you want your kids to hate clowns forever in which case, duct tape them to a chair and put on this film.

Released: 2014
Reviewed: 5.25.17
Star rating: 3 out of 5
Genre: Horror, Serial Killers, Slasher films, Thriller

copyright ©2017 Dave Riedel

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