Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Movie review: The Vanguard

 In the year 2015 after the apocalypse there is a war between zombie like engineered people called Biosyns and the power-hungry Corporation. Max, Rachael and Zac set out to join the resistance movement as civilization is disappearing due to oil depletion, facing danger and possible death at every turn.

Karen Admiraal (Linda), Jack Bailey (Lead Biosyn), Ray Bullock Jr (Max), Emma Choy (Rachael), Steve Weston (Zac).

This one starts off slow and pointless and ends about the same way. Although the plot had potential on paper it just didn’t show up much in this film. I’m even a zombie flick fan and this one just didn’t make the cut in my opinion. Max, as a wanna-be Chuck Norris, doing yoga poses and running around the forest killing Biosyns with hand axes got boring after about the first 20 minutes. After about another 20 minutes the Director realized this and started tossing in other characters seemingly in an attempt at finally moving the plot forward and getting the audience interested in the film. Sadly, it was to little to late. Had this one stayed the course as one man surviving a zombie apocalypse it might have had a chance.

Acting was barely present in this film with stilted, rough, and emotionless performances by most everyone.

Camera work was poor with bad film quality making things even worse. Dialogue was lame, sound was very low quality, sets were unimaginative, and while background might have been beautiful overall quality was so low it was hard to tell.

Overall this is a poor quality, low budget pseudo-zombie flick that has died and doesn’t know it yet.

Blood, violence and zombies so only let teens and above punish themselves by watching this one.

Released: 2008
Reviewed: 3.25.17
Star rating: 1 out of 5
Genre: Zombies, Thrillers, Sci-Fi Thrillers, Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

copyright ©2017 Dave Riedel

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