Saturday, December 26, 2015

Movie review: Phantasm

Jody, Reggie and Mike uncover strange happenings at a mortuary run by The Tall Man. Investigating further they find a gateway to another world, a mysterious arsenal of strange weapons, and a whole lot of trouble.

A.Michael Baldwin (Mike), Bill Thornbury (Jody), Reggie Bannister (Reggie), Angus Scrimm (The Tall Man).

This is the one that started it all and watching it again after all these years, I am glad the series only got better after this one. Although it is a great plot and there are some surprisingly interesting effects, the chill factor just isn’t there in this one anymore. The Tall Man was scary, but not that scary. And the taste of the flying brain balls that you get only makes you want more rather than scaring you. I love the flying silver brain balls!! Watching it again now it is almost a surprise the film became so popular.

Acting all around was rough and unpolished but at the same time it gives the story a bit of authenticity. Special effects were okay but also a bit rough around the edges. Sound was haunting at times, repetitive and boring at others. Sets were well done, particularly in the mortuary. Something we did notice was that whomever was driving the ‘Cuda in the movie should have their license revoked. Also, the vehicle master on the film was slacking a bit with tail lights on the car sometimes working sometimes not working.

If you have never seen the films from the Phantasm franchise you are missing some of the best sci-fi horror ever. Watch this one to see how it all started, for the background, and before you watch the rest of the series. Otherwise, there are scarier films out there at this point.

A bit of nudity in this one and some foul language so save it for preens or young teens and above.

Released: 1979
Reviewed: 12.21.15
Star rating: 4 out of 5
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi Horror, Classic Horror Films

copyright ©2015 Dave Riedel

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