Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Movie review: End Day

Traveling from London to New York, a fictional scientist experiences multiple doomsday scenarios presented in a Ground Hog Day style. With commentary by various experts, this 48 minute long BBC production explores several common catastrophic events.

Glenn Conroy (Dr. Howell), Bill McGuire, Jay Melosh, John Oxford, Frank Close, Brian Cox, Robert Andrews (Dead Man), Craig Court (Scientist).

End Day uses an interesting approach, showing us several doomsday scenarios from the perspective of Dr. Howell in a reality TV theme. The documentary jumps straight to it, unrolling the first scenario immediately. As the world ends, the next scenario begins with much of the initial plot and storyline setup. Dr. Howell learns of the events from media and other sources, and we get to experience their impact with him in real time including the end of the world and the film.

Acting was decent with Conroy doing a fair job in a mild role. The scientists interviewed did well and presented good insight and information consistent with the theme of the film. The remainder of the cast were solid.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds were nicely done with the impact you would expect of extinction level events. CGI completed things, giving us a nice look at some unimaginable catastrophes. Dialogue was a bit rough, but better than many documentaries. Sound was good.

Overall End Day is an enjoyable documentary mainly because of the storytelling approach. Those who enjoy their information with a bit of entertainment will like this the most. Those who prefer the facts without fluff will probably be disappointed.

Nothing here to limit audience age so teens and above should be fine.

Released: 2005
Reviewed: 9.28.16
Star rating: 2 out of 5
Genre: Documentary, End of the World, TV Shows, British TV, Science and Nature

copyright ©2016 Dave Riedel

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