Monday, October 10, 2016

Movie review: Wetlands

Wetlands follows the life of Helen, a lewd young girl with unusual attitudes towards personal hygiene and sexuality. Hoping for the reunion of her divorced parents, shaving a particular area on her body may end up helping.

Carla Juri (Helen), Marlen Kruse (Corrina), Meret Becker (Mom), Axel Milberg (Dad), Edgar Selge (Dr. Notz), Clara Wunsch (Young Helen), Christoph Letkowski (Robin), Peri Baumeister (Valerie).

To say Wetlands is unusual, or morally challenging, is a drastic understatement. While there is some focus on Helen's desire to reunite her parents, her disturbing hygiene habits and unusual sexuality are used as the driver. The result is a film that, by our count, could run no more than 10 minutes without a seriously disturbing revelation beginning with the concept that genitals make a great science experiment. Make no mistake, this story is somewhat disturbing on several levels and persistently personally challenging.

Acting by Juri was incredible. While her delivery was good, the situations she was in and her exposure on screen must have been deeply intense and she managed them well. Kruse was enjoyable as well and fit with Juri nicely. Becker and Milberg both delivered well and fit with the film and the rest of the cast. Selge, Wunsch, and the remainder of the cast were solid.

Camera work was well done while sets and backgrounds felt a bit low-class, which actually fit the theme of the film. Action scenes, such as they were, are well done. Dialogue (the film is captioned by the way) is pretty good. Sound and soundtrack are enjoyable.

Wetlands is a bit difficult to describe in a PG manner which should give you a clue about content. Though interesting in a strange way, this film is most definitely not for everyone. Those who don't want graphic nudity and sexuality, or very disturbing challenges to their hygiene beliefs, should stay far away from this one.

With plenty of graphic nudity, sexuality, foul language, disturbing events, violence, and drugs, save this one for adults and above. Do not take this warning lightly! Though billed as a comedy, if you are squeamish about personal hygiene think twice.

Released: 2013
Reviewed: 9.20.16
Star rating: 3 out of 5
Genre: Comedy, International Comedy, Dark Comedy, Drama, Independent Films

copyright ©2016 Dave Riedel

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