Sunday, January 8, 2017

Movie review: Ghostbusters (2016)

When Manhattan is invaded by ghosts, a group of paranormal researchers step up to save the day. In this reboot of the 1984 blockbuster, the women are doing the ghost-busting and they aren't messing around.

Kristen Wiig (Erin), Melissa McCarthy (Abby), Kate McKinnon (Jillian), Leslie Jones (Patty), Chris Hemsworth (Kevin), Bill Murray (Martin), Andy Garcia (Mayor), Annie Potts (Desk Clerk), Dan Aykroyd (Cabbie), Ernie Hudson (Uncle Bill), Sigourney Weaver (Rebecca), Ed Begley Jr. (Ed).

Ignore the negative reviews, this remake was full of laughs and a lot of fun. While the film was obviously tied closely to the original with the same or similar characters and plenty of cameo appearances, it took a more direct approach with the humor which worked quite well. The story and characters will be familiar if you have seen the original, but with less focus on the plot the film and cast are able to inject more humor which really keeps this one rolling. Nods to the original are a lot of fun and add a level of familiarity to the film.

Acting was quite good here from everyone. Wiig was enjoyable with her understated delivery, while McCarthy whom is usually over the top, also felt subdued. McKinnon was absolutely hysterical and along with Jones, almost stole the show. Hemsworth was also quite funny and did well with the objectification nod to the original film. Cameo appearances by Murray, Aykroyd and others were perfect.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds were okay but the heavy dependence on CGI backgrounds was easily evident. On the other hand ghost and effects CGI, along with action scenes, was nicely done and a welcome update. Dialogue was fun, campy, and delivered some good laughs. Sound and soundtrack were nicely done.

Overall this Ghostbusters remake is respectful of the original without trying to replicate the film. Instead the film focuses less on the plot and more on the laughs, including nods to the original film. Those hoping for a film to continue the franchise will be disappointed, while those who enjoyed the original but would like to see some updates should be pleased.

With some mild innuendo and foul language, this one is fine for teens and above.

Released: 2016
Reviewed: 12.22.16
Star rating: 4 out of 5
Genre: Action & Adventure, Action Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedy

copyright ©2017 Dave Riedel


Anonymous said...

I further recommend the extended edition: it is a definite enhancement to an already good movie! -greg frohring

Doc R said...

Thanks, I'll have to check it out!

Mine mine mine!!!!

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