Sunday, February 5, 2017

Movie review: Romancing the Stone

When romance writer Joan’s sister is kidnapped in South America she heads off to find her and ends up in a wild quest for hidden treasure. With the help of mercenary Jack, her adventures resemble her fictional stories more than real life.

Michael Douglas (Jack), Kathleen Turner (Joan), Danny DeVito (Ralph), Zack Norman (Ira), Manuel Ojeda (Zolo), Jose Chavez (Santos).

Remember this one? If you have never seen this one, check it out. Think “Indiana Jones” with a bit lower budget and a lot more humor. With a ton of one-liners, the first 5 minutes are a bit slow but then things start moving and the laughs start coming. As it gets more and more hilarious the story gets more and more convoluted. There is a plot for those who require it but it is thin and it is really secondary to the point of this film which is to just have some fun.

Acting is hysterical by just about everyone involved. Douglas and Turner both deliver some good lines and seem to have pretty good chemistry together. Meanwhile DeVito and Norman biting at each other like lost gangsters is great. Toss in a military leader who likes to shoot everything and an insane drug dealer with his “Little Mule” and funny meets strange in a great way.

Sets, sound, camera work and background are all very good with scenery being breathtaking in many scenes. Dialogue was campy just like it was supposed to be.

If this isn’t a classic by now it should be, and if you haven’t seen it yet you should. Put this one in at the top of your Must See list.

Some adult humor, language, and a bit of graphic violence but really preens and above should be fine seeing this one.

Released: 1984
Reviewed: 1.30.17
Star rating: 5 out of 5
Genre: Action & Adventure, Action Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy

copyright ©2017 Dave Riedel

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