Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Movie review: Gabriel

The fight between good and evil is long running, and long from over. Lone surviving archangel Gabriel, in a last stand against the fallen angels, takes on human form in his quest to save those trapped in purgatory.

Andy Whitfield (Gabriel), Dwaine Stevenson (Sammael), Samantha Noble (Jade/Amitiel), Erika Heynatz (Lilith), Michael Piccirilli (Asmodeus), Harry Pavlidis (Uriel), Jak Campbell (Raphael).

This movie is the story of the battle over purgatory and the part Gabriel plays in that battle. According to the movie intro, there is an eternal battle for the souls in purgatory and during each confrontation each side, heaven and hell, is allowed to send only one to do battle. An Archangel from heaven and a Fallen angel from hell. As darkness rules the city representing purgatory at the moment, Gabriel is sent into battle to try and bring back light to purgatory.

There was an interesting plot outlined during the introduction but the biggest problem I had was that the movie didn’t conform to the plot as outlined. After the other angels before him have fallen he is the last, 7 out of 7, to be sent. However we soon see he is fighting not one Fallen but all 7 of them. The film also indicates that fallen Archangels may be doomed to spend forever in purgatory which is actually contrary to purgatory as a temporary state of being. Without giving away the plot, there is a twist toward the end that is seemingly impossible given how the movie actually does end.

Acting wasn’t bad although there were a few rough spots and experience and energy could have done a lot more for this film. For as well as the Archangels should know each other there just didn’t seem to be much energy between the characters.

Camera work was okay but it appeared a lot of CGI was used. Sets were bland but it seems the setting of the film was intended to be dark and without flavor. Sound was horrible with very low dialogue and very loud action scene sounds.

Overall, if you can get past the plot holes and enjoy theology theory, or enjoy dark stories, this is an interesting film to watch. As an action thriller, the energy just isn’t there to make it work.

Some foul language and sexual implications so reserve this one for teens and above.

Released: 2007
Reviewed: 2.25.17
Star rating: 3 out of 5
Genre: Supernatural Thrillers, Horror, Action, Fantasy, Action & Adventure

copyright ©2017 Dave Riedel

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