Friday, March 31, 2017

Movie review: The Hunger Season 1


 A series of erotic horror and fantasy short stories with a basis in lust and temptation that frequently seem to end with death. Terence Stamp introduces each episode with a brief but freaky opening that is usually somehow related to the current episode.

Terence Stamp (The Host), David Bowie (Julian Priest), Richard Jutras (Brent Barry), Kim Feeney (Carla).

This really seems to use Tales from The Darkside as a model except that the stories almost always contain some erotica. If you like seeing boobs and enjoy horror you will probably enjoy this series.

There are just to many stories in the series to review each one and at around 30 minutes each, hardly worth the effort. Several of the episodes were nicely done but for many others the theme started to look the same each time. Woman seduces or is seduced by someone, they get naked and have some form of sex, then something bad happens to one of them. Episodes are so short that in most character development was non-existent and the plot theme was fairly basic. Probably due to time restraints.

Acting was mixed through the series with some good and some awful. Most of the bigger names did fairly well or were obviously polishing their skills. Many of the lesser known actors also did fairly well so overall acting was pretty good.

Sets, background, sound and camera work were all fairly consistent while dialogue ranged from ridiculous to exceptional.

Overall I was disappointed in the series. Being as short as they were, minus the time for a long intro and review with The Host, the stories were rushed and had little depth. About the time you get interested and invested in a story it would be ending. There are other, much better stories available.

Nudity, explicit and implicit sexual scenes, blood, gore, violence and foul language are all a part of these so save The Hunger for adults only.

Released: 1997
Reviewed: 3.24.17
Star rating: 2 out of 5
Genre: TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy, TV Horror, TV Series, Drama, Horror

copyright ©2017 Dave Riedel

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