Friday, April 21, 2017

Movie review: Eegah!

Searching for her father, teen Roxy and boyfriend Tom encounter Eegah, a prehistoric caveman. Now obsessed with Roxy, Eegah will let nothing stand in the way of showing her his affection.

Arch Hall Jr. (Tom), Marilyn Manning (Roxy), Richard Kiel (Eegah), Arch Hall Sr. (Robert), Clay Stearns (Band Member), Bob Davis (George), Deke Richards (Band Member), Ron Shane (Detective).

Eegah! is quite simply a mess. Arch Hall Sr. wrote, directed, and acted in this film which appears to be nothing more than a means to getting his son, Junior, onto the big screen. The film theme is typical 60's with musical scenes and spontaneous teen dancing in strange places. The plot is thin and lacking depth on just about every front.

Acting was miserable in Eegah! with Arch Hall Jr. being particularly ridiculous singing lyrically infantile love songs, being physically incompetent, and generally unlikeable. Manning was mildly better as window dressing. Kiel, who actually went on to have a decent career, was amusing but young and in need of some polish. The rest of the supporting cast was rough, lacking quality and depth.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds felt cheap. Action scenes were clumsy at best. Dialogue was campy and contrived. Sound and soundtrack are both worthy of the nearest trash receptacle.

Overall Eegah! is something of a mess. Technical work and acting were disappointing and even attempts at adding depth to the plot felt thin and lifeless. If you must watch this one, do so with Mystery Science Theater 3000 so you will have others to help you catcall the film.

Nothing here to limit audience age aside from potential brain damage due to boredom and bad acting. This is billed as a comedy but the only laughs we had were at the poor quality technical work and acting.

Released: 1962
Reviewed: 4.5.17
Star rating: 1 out of 5
Genre: Comedy

copyright ©2017 Dave Riedel

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