Monday, April 24, 2017

Movie review: The Last Chase

In the future oil has been depleted and the only form of transportation allowed in the U.S. is public and the government has ordered all personal vehicles impounded. But former race car drive Franklyn has an increasing dislike for the ban on driving and a secret; his race car hidden for years from confiscation.

Lee Majors (Franklyn), Burgess Meredith (Williams), Chris Makepeace (Ring), Alexandra Stewart (Eudora), George Touliatos (Hawkins), Diane D'Aquila (Santana), Harvey Atkin (Jud), Ben Gordon (Morely), Hugh Webster (Fetch), Deborah Burgess (Miss Rawlston), Trudy Young (Mrs. Hart).

The Last Chase begins slowly with some background, character introductions, and background before smoothly shifting to the main plot. With the smell of exhaust still in the air, Franklyn encounters Ring, a teen who encourages him to rebel and then tags along for the adventure. The two then race across the country with California, a free driving state, as their goal.

Acting was dry but decent with Majors delivering solidly. Meredith was amusing and enjoyable as always, and Makepeace brought some depth to the film. The remainder of the supporting cast while decent, was still pretty dry.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds are pure 1981 with slightly washed out coloring, natural scenery, and low quality props. Action scenes were overly simplistic and elementary, but fit the film. Dialogue was somewhat dry and plodding. Sound and soundtrack are surprisingly good.

For some reason this film has always held a place in my heart and made me think of the song Red Barchetta from Rush. I enjoy this one, but many will not. The film is slow, dry, and at this point seriously outdated. If you are an 80's movie fan, check it out if you can find it. You just might enjoy it.

Nothing here to limit audience age.

Released: 1981
Reviewed: 4.5.17
Star rating: 2 out of 5
Genre: Action, Action Adventure, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi Action

copyright ©2017 Dave Riedel

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