Friday, July 8, 2016

Movie review: Final Destination

When Alex has a vision revealing the plane he and his classmates are on is going to crash, he convinces several of them to disembark, saving their lives in the process. But before long they realize Death is feeling cheated and their only chance for survival is to figure out the grand design even as they begin dying in strange accidents.

Devon Sawa (Alex), Ali Larter (Clear), Kerr Smith (Carter), Kristen Cloke (Valerie), Seann Scott (Billy), Daniel Roebuck (Weine), Roger Smith (Schreck), Chad Donella (Tod), Tony Todd (Bludworth).

This is the one that started it all and makes us wonder if Fate is real, and if Death has a plan. In a nutshell this is a Teen Scream flick with the High School drama and inexperienced acting but with an excellent plot. The story builds slow at first with some character development followed by setup for the plot and action part of the film. Once the characters start to figure out what is happening things get interesting as unusually complicated deaths start to take place. The plot stays interesting with more than a few BOO moments, surprises, and minor twists to keep us guessing.

As mentioned, the cast was somewhat inexperienced but that lent itself to making the story more believable. It actually felt like the characters were as surprised as the audience by events in the film. Larter and Smith both stood out in their roles, Larter as the class oddball and Smith was very good as the class bully. Scott did well playing his usual campy self.

Sets, sound, dialogue and backgrounds were all done well and the film appears to have had a nice budget. Special effects were very well done with simplistic effects creating some of the most dramatic impact in the film.

Overall this is a very good Teen Scream Horror well worth watching, particularly if you are interested in the rest of the series.

Some violence, language and terrifying images but really this one is okay for teens and above. No nudity, sex scenes, or extreme language.

Released: 2000
Reviewed: 7.4.16
Star rating: 5 out of 5
Genre: Horror, Teen Screams, Supernatural Horror, Cult Horror

copyright ©2016 Dave Riedel

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