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Movie review: Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back

Nicole and Jess set out for California a year ago and were never heard from again. When Jess’s brother Tom returns from Iraq he sets out along with his girlfriend Marilyn, and best friend Jared, to find them. Instead they find the Rest Stop and the same psychotic madman who may have also killed Jessie and Nicole.

Movie review: Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back – 2008
Richard Tillman (Tom), Jessie Ward (Marilyn), Graham Norris (Jared), Joey Mendicino (Jessie), Julie Mond (Nicole), Brionne Davis (Driver), Steve Railsback (Owner).

This one kicks off with some good horror action which at the same time gives us some background and basis for the rest of the movie. Things then slow down for a bit as the rest of the cast is developed before jumping back into the twisted story. I don’t like comparing episodes in a series but I will here because this one felt like a cheat. The original was about terror and horror whereas this one delved into the supernatural in what looks to be nothing more than an attempt to continue the story. I would guess they made enough money off the first film they felt it was worth continuing but had written themselves into a corner. Poof, use ghosts! Problem solved. It felt like this story was forced in an effort to continue the original and sadly it added nothing to the original story. The film felt more like a re-telling of the original with different characters and perspective with the supernatural slant necessary only to maintain continuity with the series.

Acting was pretty good with Ward and Norris both putting out great effort. Railsback does a great job of being freaky and creepy and I loved him in this role. Camera work, sound, dialogue, background and effects were all well done. Gore shots were pretty good with a great Squeamish Factor at points.

Plot was a bit disjointed at times but overall the story can be followed easily. Overall a decent horror flick but a disappointment compared to the original. Put this about the middle of your Must See list.

Brief mild nudity, foul language, violence, blood, and gore so save this one for the oldest teens and above.

Released: 2008
Reviewed: 7.20.16
Star rating: 3 out of 5
Genre: Teen Screams, Horror, Slashers and Serial Killers, Thriller, Supernatural Horror

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