Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Released: 2006

Reviewed: 10.30.09
Star rating: 4 out of 5

Misty Rosas (Foki), Paul McCarthy-Boyington (Cody), Brad Henke (Duke), Michael Williams (Otis), Adam Kaufman (Wyatt), Cathering Mangan (Hope), James Gammon (Sheriff).

15 years ago five high school buddies were abducted by aliens from a farm. One died, three were returned immediately, and Wyatt was returned a couple of days later. Wyatt became a bit of a recluse and seems to know a lot about the aliens. So when the other 3 friends capture an alien years later they bring it to Wyatt for help. But the aliens are far from helpless and revenge sounds easier than it is as they soon find out.

This one starts off a bit strangely and looks like it will be a loser but if you can hang with it for 15 minutes or so things will improve dramatically. There isn't much character development here and we get to know them as the plot develops. The publicized summary of the film is a bit misleading as the 5 friends returning to the farm doesn't really happen as a major plot point. This is really about the 5 friends capturing an alien which results in the aliens hunting them and the possible extermination of the human race. Though it sounds boring, this results in a nice gory bloodfest mixed with multiple psychological elements sure to affect anyone watching the film.

Acting was surprisingly good in this one with everyone delivering energetic performances and having nice chemistry with each other.

Camera work, sets, and background were all nicely done with good attention to detail. Special effects were wonderful. The aliens were believeable and well detailed while effects around gore shots were excellent. I won't soon forget seeing a tug of war with intestines! Dialogue was decent and sound was well done.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by this one and don't know how it flew under my radar for this long. A well done horror or psychological thriller, this will probably be enjoyed by both horror and sci-fi fans alike. Put this in the top half of your Must See list.

Plenty of violence, explicit gore, and foul language so save this for the oldest teens and above.

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