Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Released: 1999
Reviewed: 11.7.09
Star rating: 2 out of 5

Christopher Lambert (John), Leland Orser (Andrew), Robert Joy (Gerald Demus), Barbara Tyson (Sara), Rick Fox (Scholfield), David Cronenberg (Father Rousell), Peter MacNeill (Captain Whippley).

A serial killer is loose and Detectives John and Andrew are chasing him down when John figures out the killer is trying to reconstruct the body of Christ in time for Easter. The catch is that the killer is using parts of victims for the recreation. As John deals with the death of his son, his failing marriage, and loss of faith the chase becomes more and more personal when the killer taunts the police.

This one has a pretty solid plot with an interesting storyline and many of the components of a serial killer story. It starts off well before taking many time-out's for character development that really detracted from the pace of the film. Bursts of drama punctuated with long dramatic dialogue filled scenes were frustrating after a while and many seemed to do nothing for the plot at all. Once the serial killer began taunting the police things got a bit more interesting and the film seemed to develop a good pace. The ending was strange with a nice ending to the main story then a brief add-on that felt like a Disney movie finale that just wasn't needed.

Acting was mixed with Lambert (I'm not a fan) being a disappointment as usual. Orser however did a very nice job in his role. Joy was also a pleasure to watch while the rest of the supporting cast was a mix of inexperience and competence.

Camera work was okay but some shaky, fast switch scenes got a bit annoying. Sets, background and sound were nicely done while dialogue seemed just completely unnecessary at times. Special effects consisted of some nicely done gore shots.

Overall this was a mediocre thriller that never really developed the energy the plot would have supported. The story was good but somewhat predictible and with the jerky pace, a bit mundane at times. Put this about the middle of your Must See list if you are a big serial killer or Lambert fan, otherwise put it in at the bottom. With some mild nudity, foul language, and plenty of gore save this one for older teens and above.

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