Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Cousin Vinny

Released: 1992
Reviewed: 11.19.09
Star rating: 4 out of 5

Joe Pesci (Vinny), Ralph Macchio (Billy), Marisa Tomei (Mona), Mitchell Whitfield (Stan), Fred Gwynne (Judge), Lane Smith (Trotter), Bruce McGill (Sheriff), Austin Pendleton (John), Chris Ellis (JT).

Billy and Stan decide to go on a roadtrip and have a bit of fun. But when they are falsely accused of murdering a convenience-store clerk in a middle-of-nowhere southern town who do they call. . . Vinny! Bam, in rolls Vinny with his big New York ways, fast talking lawyer attitude, and obnoxious girlfriend. But can he win the case?

The film starts off looking like a PG-13 flick and I was really afraid Macchio would have a major role and ruin the entire film. Fortunately he barely spoke before Pesci showed up. Not a big Pesci fan, I thought I would hate the film at this point but I didn't. Add in Tomei as the obnoxious loud girlfriend and again I was worried. But thankfully I was wrong. Macchio didn't have many lines, Pesci was actually pretty good in his role, and Tomei was absolutely hysterical even if they made her look about as unattractive as I've ever seen her. Toss in Gwynne as the somewhat humorous judge, Smith and McGill as hardnoses, and Pendleton as more comedic relief and you have a pretty good film. Some good laughs and stereotypical humor kept the story moving right along.

As mentioned acting from Pesci was pretty good. And Tomei did a nice job as well. Supporting actors all did nicely and added to the quality of the film.

Camera work, sets, background, and sound were good though nothing extremely special. Dialogue was about what you would expect from a comedy with Pesci.

Overall an enjoyable little comedy worth watching if you want something light-hearted with an actual plot that functions. Plenty of F-bombs in this one so save it for older teens and above unless your kids are okay with that type of language.

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