Monday, November 16, 2009


Released: 2008

Reviewed: 11.12.09
Star rating: 1 out of 5

Hiram Bleetman (Ed), Carrie Cohen (Mrs Obadiah), Nigel Croft-Adams (Jack), Sara Dylan (Lorrie), Gary Faulkner (Judd), Rachel Mitchem (Jill), Oliver Squires (Matt), Julia Vandoorne (Hannah), Jennifer Wren (Amy).

Six friends set out for a holiday at a remote farm set in the beautiful English countryside. Upon arrival they are treated to loads of yummy meat treats by their host. But when they begin to question what they are eating, and come to realize they are on the menu at this cannabalistic bed and breakfast, things don't look so yummy anymore.

This one jumps right into the horror up front with a nightgown clad girl wandering the woods before being caught and tortured. The film then switches to the six friends and their tangled romantic lives involving overactive sex drives and cheating. Characters are developed and we find the typical horror template has been used; the sex crazy couple, egotistical jerk, fridgid girlfriend, moping goth girl sleeping with her best friends guy, sympathetic dork secretly harboring love for goth girl. Add in a sadistic nut with a knife who doesn't talk throughout the film and a crazy old lady and poof, instant horror flick. Sadly, this one has failure all over it. Very few of the gore scenes are even shown with the film relying instead on the implied horror of cannabilism. In addition, the plot focuses heavily on possibility goth girl is pregnant and doesn't utilize that bit of information until the end of the movie in a failed attempt at creating a huge emotional impact.

Acting was bland at best by everyone here which didn't help the lack of graphic effects or less than impressive plot. Camera work and sets were lifeless and although backgrounds were good, they weren't utilized well at all. Dialogue was worthless though sound was fairly well done.

Overall this was a completely forgettable film all around with few redeeming qualities if any. There were a couple of decent gore shots and BOO moments but they just couldn't save the serious lack of energy and creativity in this film. I recommend you forget you heard about this one and move on to something more entertaining, unless you want a lesson in what not to do in a horror flick. Some foul language, sex scenes, gore and violence so save this for older teens and above.

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