Monday, November 23, 2009

Eye of the Killer aka. After Alice

Released: 1999
Reviewed: 11.19.09
Star rating: 3 out of 5

Kiefer Sutherland (Mickey), Henry Czerny (Harvey), Polly Walker (Dr. Swann), Gary Hudson (John), Ronn Sarosiak (Ray), Stephen Quimette (Gideon), Eve Crawford (Margaret), Loren Petersen (Alice), Alexander Chapman (Claudette).

Mickey is a cop who, while chasing a thief, hits his head and upon awakening finds he now has the power of Psychometry (the ability to see events by touching objects). His new skill comes in handy when he is assigned the Jabberwocky serial killer case. With his confused partner in tow, Mickey digs into the case despite his problems with alcohol, his ex-wife, his boss, his partner, and pretty much anyone else he comes across.

This one kicks off pretty well looking like your typical cops-and-robbers type flick. But as Mickey's new power is revealed the film takes a much more interesting turn. Unfortunately, once we go around the curve the rest of the film including the ending isn't hard to figure out. The mystery part of the film really isn't much of a mystery so the enjoyment comes from seeing how the film gets to the ending.

Acting was mediocre from pretty much everyone in this one. Sutherland delivers a decent performance but not his best by a long shot. Czerny was quite entertaining and this film is old enough it was fun to see how he came to fit the semi-crazed loony role. Everyone else did well but again, nothing spectacular to see here.

Camera work, sets and background were all nicely done and the film appears to have had a decent budget. Dialogue was okay but could have been better and sound was just fine.

Overall this is a fairly average crime thriller all around. With a good plot the film could have been much more but it just never built that much energy. With plenty of violence, blood, foul language, and some sexual scenes save this one for older teens and above.

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