Friday, January 8, 2010

The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations

Released: 2009

Reviewed: 12.30.09
Star rating: 4 out of 5

Chris Carmack (Sam), Rachel Miner (Jenna), Melissa Jones (Vicki), Kevin Yon (Goldburg), Lynch Travis (Detective Glenn), Sarah Habel (Elizabeth), Mia Serafino (Rebecca), Richard Wilkinson (Lonnie).

Sam has the ability to travel through time which he uses to help the police solve difficult crime cases. When his murdered girlfriend's sister claims to have new evidence exonerating Lonnie of her murder Sam goes back in time to find the truth, inadvertently disrupting the timeline and creating a serial killer.

I've always found the Butterfly Effect interesting, particularly when applied to time travel. This film did a good job of conveying the frustration of understanding how timelines react to slight changes, even if you don't think you changed anything. The plot wasn't perfect in this one but about as close as you can get with constantly changing reality. The film starts off nicely showing us how the time travel works for Sam, then jumps into the plot. No real BOO moments but a couple of nice twists keep the film interesting right to the end.

Acting was okay from Carmack and Miner and they seemed to have nice energy. Jones was crazy and sexy as usual while Goldburg, Travis, and Wilkinson all did nicely in supporting roles. Camera work was good though the film was a bit dark both literally and in mood. Sets and backgrounds were okay, nothing special. Special effects were minimal but nicely done with a couple of nice gore shots. Dialogue and sound were also pretty good.

Overall a decent sci-fi thriller and good addition to the franchise that stands by itself without requiring viewing of the first 2 films for understanding. My only disappointment is that the mood of the film is very dark and depressing. Otherwise, a very enjoyable film particularly for time-travel fans.

With foul language, gore, and a fairly explicit sex scene with nudity save this one for adults and the oldest of teens.

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