Friday, January 15, 2010

The Cannonball Run

Released: 1981
Reviewed: 1.4.10
Star rating: 4 out of 5

Burt Reynolds (JJ), Roger Moore (Seymour), Farrah Fawcett (Pamela), Dom DeLuise (Victor), Dean Martin (Jamie), Sammy Davis Jr (Morris), Jack Elam (Doctor), Adrienne Barbeau (Marcie), Jackie Chan (Himself), Jamie Farr (Sheik), Peter Fonda (Biker), George Furth (Foyt), Mel Tillis (Mel), Tara Buckman (Jill).

This is a film by stuntman Hal Needham about a car race called The Cannonball Run. He is real, the race is real, and he was in the race driving the ambulance seen in the film. The big name stars in the film are entrants in the race and will do anything to win. Fast driving, silly sabotage, sexual innuendo, and fast cars along with a cast of seasoned professionals having a ton of fun are what this is all about.

The plot: drive coast to coast as fast as you can, the shortest time wins. That's all you need to know because it doesn't matter. This is about big stars with fast cars being silly and sexy. Yes, the film is campy. Yes, there are some awkward moments when line timing is off, or when Reynolds (and others) can't stop laughing. And yes, it doesn't matter because it is still good fun. The cars are a lot of fun, the stunts are good and fairly creative, and the slapstick is non-stop.

I'd critique acting but there are just to many big names in this one. Most everyone was decent or better and I can't think of any of the known actors who were bad. Some of the non-actors were a bit rough but that is to be expected. Camera work, sets, and background were all well done. The cars were great! Dialogue and sound were good though nothing very exciting.

Some mild slapstick violence, mild foul language, and sexual innuendo but this should be okay for preens and above.

Overall, just a lot of silly fun good for family movie night or if you want something funny with hot cars and girls.

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