Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Other Side

Released: 2006

Reviewed: 1.2.10
Star rating: 3 out of 5

Nathan Mobley (Sam), Jaimie Alexander (Hanna), Cory Rouse (Mally), Poncho Hodges (Oz), Shale Nelson (David), Stephen Caudill (Peter), Chris Burns (Isaac), Vince Canlas (Cain), Lori Beth Edgeman (Girl Reaper 1), Daniel Tovell (Lead Reaper).

Sam's life is right on track with an Ivy League degree and great fiancee until his fiancee, then Sam himself, are killed. But Sam, along with some other damned souls, find a way to escape Hell and return to the land of living where they find themselves hunted by 3 Reapers sent to bring them back. Sam races to find his fiancee's killer before the Reapers find him!

This one kicked off looking like a dud with some cheesy drama working as character and plot development. Once the plot got going however the film got interesting. The plot isn't completely new but it is pretty solid and a well developed story and the movie moves along nicely. Obviously a low budget film, the biggest problem here is the film biting off more than it could chew. The potential here was awesome but with inexperienced actors and camera work paired with low budget sets, effects, and film it just never developed beyond mediocre.

Acting as mentioned looked inexperienced by everyone. That said Mobley, Rouse, Hodges and Nelson all did a fair job. Edgeman was a bonus being lovely to watch although she didn't have a single line.

Camera work, sets and background were all obviously low budget and film quality was obviously low. Effects were minimal and again, obviously low budget.

Overall for a horror flick this ends up with a lower rating due to quality. At the same time this is a pretty good film considering the obvious lack of budget. If you are a horror fan put this one about the middle of your Must See list and give it a chance.

I don't recall any nudity, pervasive foul language, or sex scenes so violence would be the only audience limiting factor. This should be okay for teens and above.

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