Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa

Released: 2008

Reviewed: 12.28.09
Star rating: 3 out of 5

Ben Stiller (Alex), Chris Rock (Marty), David Schwimmer (Melman), Jada Smith (Gloria), Sacha Cohen (Julien), Cedric (Maurice), Bernie Mac (Zuba), Alec Baldwin (Makunga), Sherri Shepherd (Mom), Will I Am (Moto Moto).

A rescue attempt to save Alex and his friends instead leaves them stranded in Africa. As fate would have it though, Alex finds his family in the process and struggles to rejoin the pride led by his father. All the while his friends try to find a way back to the zoo in New York.

I actually enjoyed this one as much as the first if not more. It felt like in this one they focused on the things from the first movie that people enjoyed. The plot, although a bit immature, is more solid than I expected and helped to move the film along. There isn't much character development up front though it really isn't needed, but the main characters do develop throughout the film. Although this is mainly about the laughs, there are a few tender moments and the requisite happy ending.

Acting is hard to critique with animation but the voice-over work was very well done. Animation was nice and easy to watch. Dialogue was good although some mild crude humor was a surprise. Soundtrack was nicely done with some good tunes.

Overall a decent flick for kids 6 to probably 13 or so. Adults may find it a bit boring but the humor helps keep things alive. My favorites are the penguins which are absolutely hysterical. A good choice for family movie night.

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