Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Screamers 2: The Hunting

Released: 2009
Reviewed: 1.3.10
Star rating: 3 out of 5

Gina Holden (Victoria), Jana Pallaske (Schwartz), Lance Henriksen (Orsow), Greg Bryk (Andy), Christopher Redman (Rafe), Tim Rozon (Madden), Jody Richardson (Soderquist), Holly O'Brien (Hannah).

13 years after the original film a distress signal is received from planet Sirius 6B and a team of rescuers is sent from Earth only to find a few remaining survivors defending themselves against the Screamers. But not only have the Screamers evolved from simple killing machines to being able to combine with and imitate humans, their misson may have changed as well.

This one kicks off with a bit of action that not only introduces us to a new cast but refreshes our memory as to what a Screamer was in the beginning. From there though the film moves into dramatic plot development where it languishes for most of its remainder with a sprinkling of action and horror sequences. Toward the end of the film the plot, which anyone will have guessed by that time, is finally revealed as no big surprise.

Acting was mediocre from everyone involved, even Henriksen. They played their parts and fit their roles for the most part but there just didn't seem to be much spark between actors or any overall energy.

Camera work, sets and backgrounds were good though some parts were quite dark. Special effects were okay, centering mostly around gore shots which were very fast or tons of blood. CGI was good with nice creature and physical effects. Sound and dialogue were nothing special.

Overall a decent sci-fi with a solid plot, acting work, and effects but a less than exciting energy level. A good sequel to the original but it could have had a lot more action for my tastes. Put this about the middle of your Must See list if you enjoy the genre or the original. With some violence, plenty of gore, and some creature effects save this for teens and above.

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