Saturday, January 23, 2010

Movie Review: Megafault

Released: 2009
Reviewed: 1.11.10
Star rating: 2 out of 5

Brittany Murphy (Amy), Eriq La Salle (Boomer), Justin Hartley (Dan), Bruce Davison (Mark), Paul Logan (Boyd).

While blowing the top off a mountain you activate a major fault line and trigger an enormous earthquake that threatens to rip apart the entire U.S. so what do you do? Find a scientist to advise you, get the military to use one of their spiffy top-secret weapons, and throw every explosive you can find at it!

This is one of those movies that looks good at first with some character and plot development up front leading to some nice action. Before long however you realize the CGI is seriously overused, low quality, and repetitive not to mention the plot can't seem to figure out what direction it should go. It is then you realize the title of the movie should actually be "Oops". When the only person who can save the world is busy sitting in field wondering if their family is okay. . Oops. When the guy who may have started the whole mess is now running around with the military at his disposal, tons of explosives, and nobody even asking his name. . .oops. When you use the same CGI clips more than twice. . . Oops.

Acting was another oops. Murphy and La Salle did nicely but their characters just didn't make a lot of sense. Davison and others supporting did okay but just couldn't save this one from plopping solidly into B-movie territory.

CGI was seriously lacking in quality and many sequences were overused. Special effects were mixed with decent explosions but again, many were overused. Sets left something to be desired with repeated shots of mining or quarry shots. Dialogue and sound were okay but didn't really add much to the quality fo the film.

Overall. . . Oops. Aside from the mentioned problems the film had a serious lack of energy or believeability on several levels and unless you are a serious catastrophe fan you should pass on this one. There isn't even anything in the movie to limit audience age.

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