Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen

Released: 2009

Reviewed: 12.28.09
Star rating: 3 out of 5

Shia LaBeouf (Sam), Megan Fox (Mikaela), Josh Duhamel (Lennox), Tyrese Gibson (Epps), John Turturro (Simmons), Ramon Rodriguez (Leo), Kevin Dunn (Ron), Julie White (Judy).

Once again the Autobots are calling on Sam to help them battle the evil Decepticons who are returning to Earth in search of an energy source. Unfortunately for Sam the location of the source currently resides in his brain.

Surprisingly the plot made sense to me with this one. I liked that there was some history around the origins of the Transformers and their time on Earth which made the plot feel like it actually had some meat. Aside from that, this is all CGI once again. Not being a huge franchise fan it is difficult to know which robot is which and on which side they are fighting when you only get a clear view of them for milliseconds. My take: If the CGI is so bad you are afraid to show it, then don't use it. We got to see the actors faces just fine, why not the Transformers?

Acting was a bit disappointing. LaBeouf isn't bad but he isn't great either. Fox has no real skills other than impressing us with her body, and letting us know she is impressing us with her body, and needs to get over herself. Duhamel, Gibson and Turturro all did very well but their parts were so brief they couldn't save this one. And what was up with the idiot Autobot twins? Was there a point?

Camera work was good, as were sets and backgrounds but CGI ruined it for me. Scale was off in more than a few scenes and the constant movement of the Transformers to avoid showing them in detail was just annoying. Sound was also artifical sounding with extreme differences between lows and highs. I understand it was done for impact but it is still a bit extreme.

Overall, great movie for teenage boys who will also appreciate and giggle at the crude sexual humor such as humping dogs and robots. Unfortunately, they will also enjoy the cursing by the idiot Autobot twins that seemed inappropriate for a PG-13 rated film. For adults, mildly entertaining at best.

Violence, foul language, crude sexual references, and brief drug but be real, your preen boy is going to watch this whether you allow it or not.

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