Monday, December 21, 2009

The Death Factory: Bloodletting

Released: 2008

Reviewed: 12.19.09
Star rating: 2 out of 5

Claudia Vargas (Ana/Massive 9), Noah Todd (Denny), Joth Andrews (Hansel), Nadine (Gretel), Josh Bingenheimer (Cockmaster), Jeanna Coker (Baby), Shane Dean (White Manson), David Hayes (Rubber Love), Shareese Hegna (The Object), Kareem McRoy (Black Johnson), Michelle Mousel (Alexa).

The brutal murder of Ana's daughter is video taped and posted to the internet inciting Ana to devote the past year of her life to infiltrating the underground world of deviant video. When she is invited to witness the brutal torture and execution of an innocent victim she thinks the opportunity to meet and kill her daughters murderer has come. But she may just get more than she expected, and may become more than she dreamt.

The best category I can think of for this one is, an interesting disappointment. The concept and plot were interesting to be sure but execution left a lot to be desired. The plot started off slow with a hint of character development before moving into the plot. At that point the film nearly stalled as it appeared to be trying to build tension that just didn't have much of an impact. The story needed to convey desperation on the part of the victims but instead felt like they were just hanging around waiting to be killed. The ending had a nice ironic twist but otherwise the film lacked serious energy.

Acting was dismal in this one. Dean was ridiculous as a Vin Diesel wannabe though he did redeem himself toward the end. Todd as some weird Manson clone was about as scary as a preschooler. Vargas did okay but without support couldn't save the film. Hayes played a pedophile nicely, Hegna was a decent victim, and Mousel did okay as a mutated freak.McRoy, Coker and Nadine were all well over the top.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds all felt like High School film class. Special effects consisted mostly of splattering blood, cut-shots, and contact lenses though Mousel's monster teeth were awesome. Sound and dialogue were horrible with extreme highs and lows.

This is an obviously no-budget slasher film that considering it had no budget did a decent job. But budget aside, this was a huge disappointment and not worth the time unless you are a seriously devoted slasher fan.

With mild nudity, sexual references, blood, guts, violence and adult content save this for adults.

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