Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Role Models

Released: 2008

Reviewed: 12.20.09
Star rating: 2

Seann Scott (Wheeler), Paul Rudd (Danny), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Augie), Bobb'e Thompson (Ronnie), Elizabeth Banks (Beth), Jane Lynch (Gayle), Ken Jeong (King), Ken Marino (Jim), Kerri Kenney (Lynette).

Danny and Wheeler are a couple of obnoxious slackers working a simple PR job at an energy drink company. While screwing around one day they go too far and end up headed for jail but instead get community service with the Sturdy Wings child mentoring program run by nutty ex drug addict Gayle. As Danny's life falls apart the two prove they are unfit to care for children.

This one kicks off with some decent humor intended to provide some background, plot set-up, and character development. As things are looking good, the film goes into a full stall for about 40 minutes with Rudd on auto-sarcasm mode and Scott in hyper-energy-dork mode. Nothing we haven't seen before and not a whole lot of laughs. Then in the last 15 minutes of the film things get absolutely hysterical right up to the After School Special Happily Ever After Ending that anyone over 10 yrs old should have seen coming a mile away.

Acting was mildly interesting. Scott delivers the same performance that has made him popular over the years while Rudd refines his now commonly seen sarcasm. Banks delivered well but being in a serious role didn't really deliver any laughs. Lynch was absolutely psychotic and it genuinely felt like she was invading your personal space just watching the film.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds were appropriate for the film with nothing really outstanding. The truck they used was quite interesting. Sound and dialogue were fairly well done though the soundtrack was pretty much forgettable.

Overall this was a middle of the road comedy that was driving under the speed limit until the end when it decided to drag-race. The ending almost made up for the rest of the film but, not quite. If you are a big comedy fan check this out otherwise, pass. With some nudity, crude and sexual content, and pervasive foul language save this for the oldest teens and above.

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