Friday, December 25, 2009


Released: 2009

Reviewed: 12.22.09
Star rating: 4 out of 5

Soren Kelly (John), Quinn Hunchar (Emma), Jessica Duffy (Live), Jennifer Batter (Allel), Jeremy Make (Jacob), Shelby Malone (Sarah). Marty Lindsey (Key Master Incubus), Jeffrey Richardson (The Prince), Troy Garner (John's Incubus), Maiz Lucero (Brave Incubus).

Ink lives in the world of the undead and longs to be accepted by someone. Seeing opportunity to be accepted by the evil Incubi he snatches 8-yr old Emma as an offering. But when the Storytellers, the Incubi's benevolent enemy, find out a war erupts. All the while Emma lay in a coma with her father by her side.

I wasn't expecting much going into this one but what it delivered was an intricate plot, nicely done acting, good overall quality, and well done special effects. That said, this can be a hard film to watch. For about the first 40 minutes none of us watching was sure exactly what was happening. After that things started coming together for a wonderful finish. One of us left in tears, one almost in tears, and the other totally loving the film.

Acting was amazingly well done by most everyone in the film. There were a couple of rough spots and the energy level was low at times but overall, nicely done. I particularly enjoyed Kelly, Lindsey, and Hunchar.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds looked to be mid-budget and supported the film well. Sound and dialogue were good, as was the soundtrack. Special effects were very enjoyable being unusual but at the same time fairly simple.

Overall this is a great entry in the sci-fi fantasy genre. If you are a fan don't miss checking this one out. For others attracted by the thriller aspect, this really is much more a dark fantasy fable or drama than a thriller.

No nudity or pervasive foul language I can recall but there is a fair amount of violence and disturbing adult content so save this for older teens and above.

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