Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hide and Creep

Released: 2004

Reviewed: 12.22.09
Star rating: 1 out of 5

Melissa Bush (Barbara), Katerina Cole (Natalie), Michelle Cole (Hanna), Bryan Crowsen (Doug) , Mia Frost (Gail), Chris Garrison (Ted), Chris Hartsell (Chris), Chuck Hartsell (Chuck), Kyle Holman (Keith).
Something happens and suddenly the small town of Thorsby, Ala. is full of bloodthirsty zombies. As federal agents arrive and flying saucers fill the air the good people of Thorsby struggle to understand what is happening and stay alive.

This one kicks off looking like a loser of a B-movie and never really does much to change your mind. Now, where did I leave that plot? Oh, right, there really isn't one other than zombies running around. The highlight of the movie was the naked woman falling into a pond from a flying saucer and a mildly humorous alien anal sex probe discussion that followed. Everything else was redneck paradoy and lame zombie sequences.

Acting was pretty sad here. There really wasn't anyone who put on a believeable performance other than a few extras playing dead zombies.

Rather than critique details of camera work and other components I'll just say this was a low budget zombie flick and it was very obvious. Even the zombie makeup was ridiculous. A friend who did our zombie makeup for Halloween this year did a better job than they did in this movie!

Overall this was a disappointing entry in the zombie genre with hardly a blood spatter to redeem itself. If you are a serious bad B-movie fan, or absolutely must see every zombie flick ever made go ahead with this one. For everyone else, randomly pick a different zombie flick and you will almost surely do better.

Nudity, mild foul language, violence, and gore but the nudity is what should keep this one for adults.

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