Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Night of the Living Dead

Released: 1990

Reviewed: 2009
Star Rating: 2 out of 5

Tony Todd (Ben), Patricia Tallman (Barbara), Tom Towles (Harry), McKee Anderson (Helen), William Butler (Tom), Katie Finneran (Judy Rose), Bill Moseley (Johnnie), Heather Mazur (Sarah).

When zombies are suddenly attacking, a group of survivors try to barricade themselves inside a farmhouse. As they fight a war against the zombies, they end up fighting amongst themselves as well in this remake of the 1968 classic.

As a rule I don’t compare sequels or remakes and I won’t be doing that with this film. The movie starts off a bit slow then jumps right into the zombie action. Then it gets slow again and pretty much stays slow with a few attempts at a jump-start here and there. The story is pretty good it just didn’t move along very well. Add in an excessive amount of shuffling zombies who were actually more believeable than most of the actors and things got boring and hard to swallow. Really, how long do we all have to see the girl in the basement with the zombie bite before she actually turns into a zombie? The characters in the film even had it figured out before the Director!

Acting was disappointing by just about everyone. Todd overacted in an attempt (I think) to save the film while the lack of energy from just about everyone else in the movie was amazing. I quit even trying to empathize with any of the characters and finally started rooting for the zombies to win.

Camera work had some dark shots and jittering that was annoying while sets and background looked pretty low budget. Makeup and effects weren’t bad at all however and played the biggest part in saving the film. Dialogue and sound were both mediocre.

If you are a serious zombie flick fan, check this one out. There are a lot worse out there and many better with this one being about the middle of the pack. Obviously some adult content, foul language, brief nudity, violence, and gore gore gore so save this for older teens and above.

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