Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Released: 1995

Reviewed: 12.24.09
Star rating: 5 out of 5

Antonio Banderas (El Mariachi), Salma Hayek (Carolina), Joaquim de Almeida (Bucho), Cheech Marin (Bartender), Steve Buscemi (Buscemi), Carlos Gomez (Right Hand), Quentin Tarantino (Pick-up Guy), Danny Trejo (Navajas), Carlos Gallardo (Campa).

Picking up where El Mariachi left off, Bucho has killed El Mariachi's girlfriend and wounded him so guitar playing is almost impossible now. Out for revenge El Mariachi goes in search of Bucho and his gang, finding the lovely Carolina in the process.

This one really does pick up where El Mariachi left off going so far as to superimpose Banderas over Gallardo in the last scene from El Mariachi. This is the film El Mariachi wanted to be but didn't have the budget to be. Here we get to see the now grown up El Mariachi back for revenge. He is smarter, smoother, and not going to give up this time. Just to keep it interesting Director Robert Rodriguez throws in a couple of twists to refine the story a bit and make it a little bit different. More serious than Once Upon a Time in Mexico, this one focuses more on the story and character development making for a very entertaining film.

Acting was good here from just about everyone. Banderas fits this role very well and delivers throughout. Though Hayek doesn't fit her role as well, she still delivers a good performance. Supporting work is also nicely done from Marin, Buscemi, Trejo and even Gallardo. You can see in this version where Buscemi's character develops from the original film and sets groundwork for Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Camera work, sets and backgrounds were all nicely done and consistent with the storyline. Special effects were mostly action and gore scenes and were also well done. Dialogue and sound were good with soundtrack taking a bigger role in this film.

Overall this is a refinement of the El Mariachi story that is a pleasure to watch on many levels. You can even see this one without seeing the original and still enjoy the film. With some mild nudity, a sex scene, foul language, and plenty of violence save this for older teens and above.

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