Saturday, December 12, 2009


Released: 1996

Reviewed: 12.7.09
Star Rating: 4 out of 5

Arnold Schwarzenegger (John), James Caan (Robert), Vanessa Williams (Lee), James Coburn (Beller), Robert Pastorelli (Johnny), James Cromwell (Donohue), Danny Nuci (Monroe), Andy Romano (Harper).

John is an Eraser, someone who erases the identity of people under Witness Protection. When Lee turns evidence against a government weapons contractor, John is brought in to give her a new life. But they will both be fighting for their lives when they find the shady weapons deals extend far into the government and everyone seems to want them dead.

This one starts off with a nice back-story, a little character development, then right into the plot. Although hard to swallow at times, the story moves along well and surprisingly has fewer holes than you might expect. With explosions, big guns, and beautiful women this is definitely an Arnie flick. I loved the Rail gun in the film, particularly how it could see through things.

Acting was good with Arnold definitely on top of his game in this one. He pulled off the tough scenes as well as the soft ones. Caan was okay but seemed to have bit off more than he could chew with trying to blend tough-guy with politician. Williams was good but a bit dry while Pastorelli absolutely rocked.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds were all nicely done. CGI was also very nice and overall the film appears to have had a good budget. Sound and dialogue were okay though the film might have been more fun with a bit of a soundtrack.

Overall this is a fun action flick that I've watched several times and though it has nice action and effects which kids will enjoy, there is enough of a plot for adults to enjoy the film as well. Plenty of violence and some foul language but otherwise nothing to limit audience age.

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