Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alien Trespass

Released: 2009
Reviewed 9.28.09
Star Rating: 2 out of 5

Eric McCormack (Ted/Urp), Jenni Baird (Tammy), Robert Patrick (Vernon), Jody Thompson (Lana), Dan Lauria (Chief Dawson), Aaron Brooks (Cody), Sarah Smyth (Penny), Andrew Dunbar (Dick).

Ted is an astronomer whose body is used by intergalactic bounty hunter, Urp, after his spacecraft crash lands. But his captive also survives the crash and escapes, only to begin feeding on humans and multiplying quickly. It is up to Urp to save mankind in this homage to 1950s-era alien creature feature films.

As mentioned, this is designed to look like a 1950s-era film, and it does so very well. The film starts off pretty good with some cheesy special effects before kicking into gear with plot and character development. From there the film is a flashback to the days of The Blob and similar flicks. The story isn’t totally unfamiliar, having been done many times before, but this current production of an older monster movie really makes the plot irrelevant. Watch this for the flat acting, backgrounds and sets, and cliché lines. The film has it all from simplistic effects to the requisite nerd, hottie, trouble making kid, straight laced kids, kid hating cop, and ridiculously not scary monster.

Acting by McCormack was pretty good though his talents were obviously not used for this film. He was meant to be flat and unemotional and did the job well. Baird was good as the lusty waitress while Thompson did a great job as Ted’s out of sync wife. The remainder of the supporting cast did well helping to keep the feel of the film authentic.

Sets, background, dialogue, sound, and soundtrack were all done nicely. Special effects were completely in keeping with a 1950s film and again, gave the movie a very authentic feel.

Overall, this was a very well done reproduction. If you watch this looking for something new, forget it. If you want to see a very well done 1950’s alien flick that you have never seen before, this is it. Despite what it is the film doesn’t come off as campy at all.

Other than lots of smoking there really isn’t much to limit viewer age so kids over 10 yrs should be fine.

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