Monday, October 5, 2009

Step Brothers

Released: 2008
Reviewed: 9.28.09
Star Rating: 1 out of 5

Will Ferrell (Brennan), John C. Reilly (Dale), Mary Steenburgen (Nancy), Richard Jenkins (Robert), Adam Scott (Derek), Kathryn Hahn (Alice).

Brennan and Dale are two grown men still living at home with their parents, and milking it for all they can. But when their parents marry and they all move in together the two get overly competitive and jealous all but destroying their family.

This one started off giving the promise of comedy before turning into an endless, profanity filled diatribe of immature sex jokes. After the regurgitation of the same lame, foul, ridiculous scenes several times I realized I was watching this only to see how bad the train wreck would actually become. What there was of a plot can be summarized as follows: Two grown men acting like children. There was no depth, content, or intelligence to this film at all.

Acting was ridiculous. So many reviews praising Ferrell and Reilly for their acting in this one but really, what acting did they do? Literally they are grown men acting like children and I fail to see the “skill” needed to do that. Steenburgen did an admirable job trying to make her role something with substance while Jenkins tried initially then seemed to cave in to the pressure and turn into a child himself. Scott did a great job playing the jerk in the film.

Camera work, sets, and sound were all nicely done so there was some skill involved in the making of the film. Dialogue is where it failed, with excessive ridiculous foul language that was completely unbelieveable given the situation. Soundtrack had some promise but was more than the film deserved.

Overall this was a brainless attempt at humor that succeeds only by mistake. Yes, there were funny parts but mostly, just foul language and lame sex skits. This was well beneath the skills of both Ferrell and Reilly, and it shows. Don’t waste your time unless you are an obsessive fan of one of them. As mentioned, excessive foul language and sexual content so save this for older teens and above.

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