Friday, October 23, 2009

Wild at Heart

Released: 1990
Reviewed: 1.5.08
Star rating: 4 out of 5

Nicolas Cage (Sailor), Laura Dern (Lulu), Willem Dafoe (Bobby), Diane Ladd (Marietta and real mom of Laura Dern), Isabella Rossellini (Perdita), Grace Zabriskie (Juana).

Sailor and Lulu are on the run for their lives and in the process run across some of the strangest strangers ever seen. As Sailor is busy channeling Elvis the couple somehow manages to stay alive as many others don't. I have a lot of mixed emotions around this one. Although this wasn't my type of movie I'll try to be fair. This was earlier in Cage's career and it is obvious with the energy, quirkiness, and charisma he brought to the character he played, Sailor. I've never been a Laura Dern (Lulu) fan but she was pretty darn good in this one. Sailor and Lulu are in love and on the run. Lulu's Mom (Ladd in real life and the movie) sends a couple of hit-men after Sailor and from there we are off an running. Some of the most warped characters show up in this one. Isabella Rossellini and Grace Z. both freaked me out and were great. The scene where Dafoe's head gets blown off and his brain with stem still attached goes bouncing around was cool. Cage and Dern do one other thing consistently in this one, have hot sex constantly. Throughout the film Cage is acting as Sailor who is acting/imitating Elvis and singing Elvis tunes to Lulu regularly. The whole Wizard of Oz theme was interesting as well. Definitely not a mainstream film but, the cult appeal is enormous.
The oldest teens and above should be fine with this one.

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