Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lost Souls

Released: 2000
Reviewed: 2009
Star rating: 3 out of 5

Winona Ryder (Maya), Ben Chaplin (Peter), Sarah Wynter (Claire), Philip Baker Hall (Father James), John Hurt (Father Lareaux), Elias Koteas (John).

Maya is a spiritual advisor and having been exorcised herself, participates in exorcisms with the church. During an exorcism she uncovers an upcoming plan by Satan to posess Peter, a best-selling author who doesn’t believe in Evil. As she tries to convince Peter of what is about to happen he starts seeing other signs himself.

This one starts off interesting enough but then falls into a lull as character development take over and the film tries to build suspense with the plot. The suspense works well for a while before the plot becomes more active and things start to happen. After that the film is pretty good up until the end which was about as anti-climatic as you can get. The plot is good but it is also one that has been done numerous times before and is really just a variation of The Exorcist.

Ryder actually did a decent job here playing a much darker role than usual. Chaplin did very good being believeable as both innocent and complacent, and then later as being afraid. Wynter, Hall, Hurt and Koteas all did a nice job supporting.

Camera work, sound, dialogue, sets and background were all nicely done throughout the film. What effects the film had were nicely done and added well to the suspense and supernatural side of things.

This is a mid-level entry in the Thriller or Satanic Stories genre with overall generally good quality on every level but nothing to set it above other films of the same type. It just never developed the bite it had the potential to deliver. Some foul language and violence but this one should be fine for teens and above.

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