Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus

Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus
Released: 2009
Reviewed: 10.1.09
Start Rating: 1 out of 5

Lorenzo Lamas (Baxter), Deborah Gibson (Emma), Vic Chao (Shimada), Sean Lawlor (Sanders).

When a secret military mission breaks a huge prehistoric shark and a giant octopus free of the arctic ice they wreak havoc in the Pacific. A group of scientists is called in to investigate the disappearance of cargo ships and quickly determines the prehistoric duo is the cause. The solution, have the scientists figure out a way to destroy them both.

Thanks Asylum for another video assault of pig snot. This one starts off with ridiculous special effects and just keeps using them over and over. No, not ridiculous effects, the exact same ridiculous effects. Why create new ones when you can just show the same clips over and over. The plot is almost as ridiculous as the effects requiring the viewer to forget anything they have ever known about logic, common sense, or laws of physics to enjoy the film.

Acting was a part of this movie that they forgot. Lamas overacted incredibly while everyone else was almost laughable. The extras did better than the top billed actors in this film. Sadly, I think part of that was due to the script, not just the direction.

A lot of this movie was special effects and I actually think a High School film class could have done better. Add to that the shoddy camera work with dark shots and lame attempts at supporting special effects and viewing this was almost painful. To add to the pain we have a plot and script that were likely banged out on a cocktail napkin while the soundtrack was almost a complete afterthought. With Debbie Gibson there was at least hope of some hot girl scenes but alas, they couldn’t even get the romantic parts right.

Overall, I couldn’t find any redemption with this one at all. It is just lousy all around and in my opinion, not worth the time. I can’t even say diehard sci-fi fans, Lamas fans, or Gibson fans would enjoy this film.

No nudity, no sex scenes, and no real foul language I can remember so this one should be okay for preens and above.

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