Friday, October 30, 2009


Released: 2006
Reviewed: 10.27.09
Star rating: 3 out of 5

Laura Prepon (Karla), Misha Collins (Paul), Patrick Bauchau (Dr. Arnold), Emilie Jacobs (Debbie), Alex Boyd (Nick), Cherilyn Hayres (Tammy), Fiona Manners, Tanya Lemelle.

Based on a true story, the husband-and-wife team of Karla and Paul abduct, sexually abuse, and kill three young women. The story is told from Karla's perspective as she recounts events to psychologist Dr. Arnold in an attempt to gain early parole.

This film kicks off in a disturbing manner and continues to gain momentum in that direction right up to the end. I'm surprised at the number of poor reviews I've seen as I found the film to be a delightfully disturbing look at a rare serial-killer team. I haven't read the book so can't compare it to that. Nor have I seen any of the actual video or news reports, so I can't compare to those. Standing by itself, the film delivers a disturbing plot and makes rape and killing look almost too easy. There are a few slow parts but the psychological development was as interesting as the action scenes to me.

Acting was okay but not outstanding by anyone. It was nice to see Prepon in something beside That 70's show and realize she does have talent. Collins and Bauchau delivered their usual performances, mild energy and audience connection. The rest of the supporting cast did well but lack of experience was obvious at times.

Camera work, background and sets were all mediocre and the film looked to be lower budget though that could have been intentional as I believe the setting was more than a few years ago. Sound and dialogue were okay, nothing special. Gore shots and action scenes were well done.

Overall I enjoyed this one, despite the dark and disturbing storyline. It was dark, moody, and threw the story at you head-on without plot conventions or diversions. With plenty of violence including murder, rape, and abuse along with plenty of foul language and disturbing sexual content save this one for adults and above.

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