Monday, October 19, 2009

Drop Zone

Released: 1994
Reviewed: 10.18.09
Star rating: 3 out of 5

Wesley Snipes (Pete), Gary Busey (Ty), Yancy Butler (Jessie), Michael Jeter (Earl), Corin Nemec (Selkirk), Kyle Secor (Swoop), Luca Bercovici (Jagger), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Terry), Mickey Jones (Deuce).

Pete and his brother are U.S. Marshal's transporting a criminal, Earl, when hijackers take over the plane to spring him, killing Pete's brother in the process. Since the hijackers parachuted out of the airliner Pete focuses on the skydiving crowd to try and catch them, finding in the process that they plan on selling the DEA’s undercover agents information on the black market.

This one kicks off nicely with some good action up front before settling into a film about skydiving with some fighting thrown in to keep the plot moving. Pete teams up with Jessie and her group of misfits to get accepted into the skydiving crowd which is pretty tight and not so friendly to outsiders. It doesn’t take long before he is jumping out of planes regularly and finding there is more to the story than a simple jailbreak. Toward the end the story comes back to life as the plot gets wrapped up nice and tidy.

There is a lot of skydiving in this film, with some really nice camera work but, if that doesn’t thrill you then you probably aren’t going to enjoy this film much since it is integral to the plot.

Acting was decent with Snipes only overacting a few times. Busey delivered in his usual style while Butler was an interesting choice for supporting. Jeter was cast well as the mousey, strange little computer nerd and Nemec was delightful as the loveable dork. All a bit unpolished at times it actually made the film feel a bit more authentic in nature.

Camera work was well done, particularly with respect to the skydiving shots. Sets, backgrounds, sound and dialogue were also nice indicating a film with a decent budget.

Overall a nice action adventure thriller with a decent plot that was muted only by the focus on skydiving. Put this toward the bottom of your Must See list unless you are a huge Snipes or Busey fan. Some foul language and violence but this one should be fine for teens and above.

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