Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Zombie Wars

Release Date: 2006
Review Date: 10.6.09
Star Rating: 2 out of 5

Adam Stuart (David), Alissa Koenig (Star), Jim Hazelton (Brian), Kristi Pearce (General), Jonathan Badeen (Sliver), Billy Hayes (Zombie King), Loretta Norton (Josh).

Zombies and humans have been at war for years and now with the human population drastically reduced the zombies have started breeding humans on farms for food. When a small band of rebels finds out what is happening they set out to free those on the nearest farm and eventually rid the planet of zombies.

This one kicks off a bit campy and actually gets a bit better before long. The plot is interesting enough but it moves a bit slowly and with no background or character development you feel like you are coming into the film in the middle right from the start. By the time the plot is actually revealed things are getting a bit boring unless you seriously enjoy watching zombies get killed. As the film plods along a last dramatic event is created to try and save things but it just isn't enough. By that time we are ready for things to be over.

Acting was about as dry as it gets with hardly any emotion throughout the film and apparently little chemistry between most of the actors. Koenig did seem to have potential however, and Badeen was just plain creepy though I couldn't tell if it was acting or natural. If it was acting then he did quite nicely.

Sets and background were low budget and mostly just a forest somewhere. Zombie effects and makeup were actually well done for what was apparently a low budget film. Dialogue was uninspired as was sound and camera work.

Overall this was actually better than expected given the low ratings. Sound was clear, picture quality was good, plot was decent, and zombie effects weren't bad at all. I've seen a lot worse when it comes to zombie flicks. My 15 yr old daughter also thought this was a decently done zombie flick, so give it a shot. No nudity, mild foul language, and plenty of violence so teens and above should be fine with this one.


Jonathan said...

I'm glad you thought Jonathan Badeen (that's me) was absolutely creepy because that's exactly what I was trying to do. I'm definitely nothing like that in real life.

Doc said...

Mr. Badeen,
Thanks for commenting!

I'm glad to hear you aren't "absolutely creepy" in real life! :) Kudos on the film as well.

I would love to hear more of your thoughts on the film, my review, or even other films.


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